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I worked for Austraining for just over 2 years before being selected as Youth Rep. The announcement was received with overwhelming support from Austraining and as principal sponsor for the position Austraining is covering the costs associated with living and travel as I embark on a national tour. I am grateful for their support and sponsorship and if you would like to find out more about the great work Austraining does working with programs for social development, please visit www.austraining.com.au


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 The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

When researching the best way to engage young people online through my national tour I researched existing solutions and TACSI’s ‘solved’ platform was a standout. I very much appreciate their willingness to share this capacity for social innovation and fund the development of this current site. Find out more about the great work TACSI do at www.tacsi.org.au


 Jono assisted in the development of the site and his expertise and professional can do approach has been invaluable to making this the great site it is. www.jonathonmenz.com

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