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Youth Awareness

The Problem

This Solution works against the prejudice against youth and its association with youth crime.

The Solution

My idea involves a collaboration between media and youth. Maybe Once a month or so if the newspapers could do a spread on a local teen, what they have been up to or achieved. And not just sport too, acknowledge an academic, or someone who is trying to make a difference. This serves many purposes. In acknowledging these people, they are encouraged. It gets out to the community that not all of us our involved in youth crime, nor do we endorse it. It shows those who are involved some alternative things to do, hobbies and the satisfaction and/or rewards of doing constructive things. It could even be a competition, say people could be nominated and a $50 prize for the person who wins or something similar. Or even in the schools, if the teachers could nominate someone who has been putting in a lot of effort to be rewarded. This could be an incentive for youth, but I think the recognition is important, showing the community that we too can achieve and be responsible citizens.

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