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Yankalilla's AYCC Climate Action Group!

The Problem

1) Apathy from youth towards global issues
2) Feelings of helplessness from over-whelming climate change
3) Having "nothing" for the youth to do in the Yankalilla area
4) Helps empower youth by connecting the young people in the area with business owners/ local MPs/ council members etc.
5) Helps local youth make friends not only in their town, but across the state and the nation, allowing them to feel more supported and a part of something BIG!
6) Helps solve Climate Change!

The Solution

After the local council sponsored 5 youth to attend the aycc's 'Powershift' conference in Brisbane last year, the YAG was born. YAG (Yankalilla Action Group) is a group of youth volunteers aged 12-20, working on nation-wide Australian Youth Climate Coalition Campaigns at a local level.

We have had bus trips to Adelaide for climate rallies, organised sign-up events at Sealink, hosted FREE social events like 'Beached Az' to promote the aycc and collect signatures, and now we are organising an 'AYCC Blue Day' fundraiser at the local school, and hosting a "Repower Round" fundraiser at the local football club. The funds raised will go towards putting a solar hot water system on the football clubrooms.

While our small efforts might not solve climate change, we are helping build the movement of young people passionate about taking action on climate change, which will hopefully influence government decisions to ensure a safe climate future. PLUS- WE HAVE A DAMN GOOD TIME DOING IT! :D

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