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The Next Step Program

The Problem

Homeless youth not having somewhere to go
Young people find it hard to get into the private rental system and get a rental history and break that cycle and get into the community

The Solution

An innovative program designed to take advantage of the unique relationship we (St Johns Youth Services) have with young people who use our emergency services and to provide ongoing assistance to young people as they leave the services. The program is based on a contract between the young person and Next Step, where each has committed to participate. Next Step commits to ensuring access to housing, furniture packages and intensive support, and the young person commits to participating in the support program. Next Step aims to prevent breakdown of their accommodation and return to the emergency services system. It is an initiative that provides a genuine opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness through targeted support and training, and assistance in securing sustainable life opportunities. Funded primarily through non government grants from benevolent sources and the community.

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