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The Gentle Way

The Problem

Although the The Gentle Way can't do this alone, it is part of a greater effort to encourage isolated and 'at risk' high school students to develop and consider their goals, and encourage them to go for them.

The Solution

Between 25 July 2012 and May 25 2013 this unique charity campaign will span two Australian States, involve over 1000km of cycling (plus the training), include visits to up to 20 isolated High Schools, and will offer plenty of fundraising events. All in the name of encouraging students to be ambitious, and achieve their goals.

Andrew Dallimore, a former ‘at-risk’ High School student and current Youth Worker and Mentor will do this by sharing his inspiring story about his pathway to University and his career.

He shares the challenges he has faced along the way (including the devastating physical injury he suffered early in 2012, which got him started on this campaign), which judo helped him overcome, the achievements he never thought he would be capable of, and his quest to follow his dream of becoming a vet.

To top it all off Andrew will ride from Adelaide to Melbourne to visit schools and raise money for the Worldwide Veterinary Service.

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