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The Problem

Ever watched television current affairs and seen a story about youth hooligans terrorising the streets?
Ever listened to the radio to hear talk back callers complaining about the youth of today?
The representations of young people in the media are narrow, restrictive and commonly based on stereotypes and fear.
SYN Media gives young people a voice to be heard and is run by young people, for young people.
SYN challenges the negative perception of young people in the media by giving young people the chance to create their own. It gives young people the chance to speak for themselves and to challenge the narrow perception of what youth culture is.

The Solution

SYN is a media organisation run by a community of young people that provide training and broadcast opportunities for young Australians.

Our values:

Access: SYN provides open access for all young people to participate in its community.
Independence: SYN produces content free from commercial and other external pressures.

Participation: SYN supports young people to take charge of media creation, training and governance.

Diversity: SYN actively encourages a range of youth perspectives, cultures and ideas.

Innovation: SYN celebrates quality, and supports creativity and flexibility in its programming and operations.

SYN offers young people aged 12-25 the skills and platforms to be creators, not just consumers, of media.

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