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Scouts Australia National Youth Council

The Problem

The National Youth Council is one of the ways Scouts Australia hears what its youth members want and it is a key means by which young people can be involved in decision making. Scouting wants to ensure it remains as a relevant and adaptive youth organisation, and it can only do that by ensuring today's youth are driving today's program! By having young people from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds the Council can work to ensure that Scouting remains engaging, fun and dynamic for all young people in Australia. The Council is also one of the many ways that Scouting works to develop its youth members and their skills.

The Solution

The National Youth Council is one of the ways Scouts Australia gets input from its youth members. The Council consists of 25 young people, aged between 13 and 26, from around Australia. They meet twice a year in person and throughout the year online, and people are on the Council for a period of three years. The Council is separated in to four patrols, each with six people, who discuss topics and write reports to give their feedback. Topics cover all kinds of things, from feedback in to proposed activities; drafting handbooks for youth members; investigating solutions to bullying; researching award schemes in other Scouting countries; suggesting programs; and devising ways to tie-in with other organisations. The Council reports directly to the National Team, and elects a Chairman from within the Council members who sits as a voting member on all of the national committees and councils.

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