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The Problem

We realise we live in a smart society, and that people deserve a well-informed and educated source of news. This of course means absorbing and understanding daily events, including disasters, wars and the happenings of the world. However, Our World Today believes news does not have to be solely about that. We believe that as a society we are far greater than our failures and this deserves to be seen. Current trends indicate that the quantity of ‘positive’ news (15%) is disproportionate to that of ‘negative’ news (85%), veering away from the original idea of news reflecting a balanced view of society to itself. (Noyes, 2005).

Like a good work life balance, so should be the news and our surrounding environment. We believe news has a crucial part to play in the way society is influenced, and the way people think. Your thinking obviously has an effect on your life, and consequently as a whole, the actions of the world. We want to allow individuals a chance to be inspired!

The Solution

Our World Today has a philosophy that your interior and exterior environments directly affect you as a person. This is in both your personal and professional life. What happens in your outside world, or society, is reflected in your thoughts, who you are and how you act.

Our World Today is an online news website that provides people with an alternative choice to the current trends of negativity and sensationalism in news and current affairs. Rather than focus on the suffering and destruction in our world, we will capture the truly inspiring, the unheard, the stories that make us proud to be human, proud to be alive, and by doing so, reconnect individuals with the essential spirit that binds us all.

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