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Midnight Basketball

The Problem

The problems that Midnight Basketball solves are:

- Providing young people with a safe, healthy and positive environment at times when they may be vulnerable to harmful and anti-social behaviour;
- Combating drug, alcohol and other physical abuse by young people;
- Supporting the learning needs of young people and providing them with encouragement to participate in mainstream society and their local community;
- Providing positive role models and reinforcing the importance of self esteem among young people;
- Diverting young people in areas of need from the risk of anti-social and criminal behaviour.

The Solution

Midnight Basketball is a national social inclusion programme to help youth identify and embrace positive opportunities.

Dinner, compulsory life skills workshops and tournament basketball games are run in stadiums on Friday or Saturday nights from 7.30pm till midnight, followed by a bus home, providing a safe and motivating environment. In keeping with our motto NoWorkshop NoJumpshot players must attend the workshop in order to play basketball.

Midnight Basketball is open to youth aged 12 to 18 years.

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