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Live Below the Line

The Problem

Live Below the Line will challenge you to live on $2 a day, for 5 days. It opens a window onto the day-to-day experience of extreme poverty, and mobilises thousands of Australians to make a real difference.

The Solution

Live Below the Line seeks to combat extreme poverty in two distinct ways: raising funds for educational opportunities in the developing world, and creating widespread awareness of this important issue (HINT: conversations are the key!).

While extreme poverty can seem overwhelming, Live Below the Line is a straightforward way to make a clear impact. It will change your life, and by sharing your experience with others you can help raise awareness of the injustice faced by 1.4 billion people in the world.

The money you raise for the Oaktree Foundation will help fund educational projects that tackle extreme poverty at its source. By challenging yourself to Live Below the Line you can have a direct and meaningful impact on extreme poverty in our region.

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