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Helping young refugees settle into their new life and reach their potential

The Problem

Home Work Club is one activity that helps prevent the possibility of refugee children not getting assistance to catch up with school work, not reaching their potential, and not integrating into Australian society.

The Solution

Home work clubs run through the Australian Refugee Association in SA are for refugee high school students that have been in Australia less than 5 years. Starting a new life here is a big change. They might be new to English, western culture, and our school system. They may have missed some years of schooling due to being in a refugee camp or moving around a lot, and might be in a class of their age group now, but be behind in the work. Home Work Clubs happen at multiple venues around Adelaide Suburbia on a weekly basis after school. Volunteers meet with the students to help them with their homework - assisting them with assignments, general homework, and improving their English. Volunteers also play a mentoring role.

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