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Griffin Hall - Non-residential university community

The Problem

Griffin Hall solves to problem of local students feeling isolated within the University. It does this by engaging students in other activities and providing a caring community. The Hall can step in and represent students if issues arise within their University life. The Hall can also assist students struggling with university for non-academic reasons. A student might have mental health issues and the Hall provides a gateway to other services as well as a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear. The Hall is also able to help students with problems outside of university life (like issues at home or in friendship groups). So basically, the Hall is here not only to engage students in university, but also to lend a helping hand when it's needed.

The Solution

Griffin Hall is like a residential hall for people who live in Canberra rather than on campus. It provides access to sporting competitions, arts events (music, debating etc) and academic assistance. For me, though, the most important thing the Hall does is provide Pastoral support. The Hall does all of these things through student leaders who work with the Residential and Campus Community (RCC) office. We have 7 students who help others out with Pastoral care issues (with help from the RCC and other support services on and off campus). There are 6 students who help out with the academic needs of students in the hall. There is also the committee, which includes the student president, vice-president, secretary, social convenor (runs social events), arts representatives (run arts events), sports representatives (run sport events) and more. The aim of the Hall is to engage local students in university life outside of the classroom.

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