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The Problem

The problem is quite simply the lack of knowledge on how important education actually is. In my previous school, situated in the Western Suburbs of Victoria, it is evident how teenagers disrespect and simply have no idea about the value of education. Now, attending one of the best schools in Victoria, Melbourne High School, it is confirmed to me that this solution can help change this was of thinking with teenagers about the value of education and how important school is. As a developed nation, we really should not let this continue in the upcoming future, and I, and we as the youth can change with a solution like this, which will have positive impact on this issue.

The Solution

The solution is to have youth run sessions on how important education is in developing a fulfilling life by schools inviting youth who have had or currently in high education back to their schools to teach current students. Teaching youth about the value of education is of paramount importance in solving the consequential effects of teenagers dropping out of school, which leads to more harmful effects of sexual abuse, use of illicit drugs, homelessness, depression, suicide and such problems. To do this we need to reaffirm teenagers on the negative effects of not completing a base level education such as full secondary schooling, rather than just dropping out of school at year ten, simply to their reason of "just because I can". These sessions can be conducted to specific year levels during school time so that students will have to attend the session, which in turn will affect their way of thinking about the value of education.

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