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Dodgeball Charity Tournament

The Problem

This solution is a great way to circumvent much of the apathy that is inherent in fundraising for Africa. As sad as it is to admit it, people have become desensitised to fundraising for African famines. It is not enough to simply show the abhorrent images of disease and death that are rife in those regions. This is a great and original way to get people up and involved in fundraising again, and has proven quite successful.

The Solution

Following the five principal commandments; duck, dodge, dip, dive and dodge, this event aims to raise money for the East African Food Crisis in a fun and easily accessible way. It is incredibly difficult to come up with new ways to raise money for a good cause, and this is an original, and super fun way for people to do it - and live out some of their favourite scenes from Dodgeball while they're at it!

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