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Big Help Mob

The Problem

Big Help Mob has been designed to engage a new generation of volunteers through the wonders of mobile and app technology. Previously volunteering opportunities have been stored in large old-fashioned search engines, many young people in particular have not had an easy or enjoyable experience accessing them. The Big Help Mob web and phone app provides a social way for people to find volunteering opportunities in their local area, or that their friends are attending.

It bridges the gap between non-profits needing people power and the people seeking to do good in their community.

The Solution

It is a league of ordinary people who volunteer to combine their powers to perform extraordinary feats of generosity for people and organisations needing their help.

The vision behind Big Help Mob is to make doing good as mainstream as cheeseburgers and breathing.

The Big Help Mob web and mobile app, connects tens of thousands of volunteers with non- profits needing people power, whether its be planting trees or painting fences. Missions are short-term hands-on projects that can be completed in one day.

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