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Underage, uninformed and often dangerous use of alcohol and drugs. Particularly in local communities, which dont necessarily have the resources or means to implement other programs. The stigma associated with having these problems often stops people from seeking help or guidance, and this program takes the help to those who need it in a setting they are comfortable with.

The Solution

The program sends young people (school age) into both their own and other schools in Warrnambool to offer their experiences and advice in the areas of irresponsible drug and alcohol use and other teenage problems. By using people who are familiar and known to the audience it is hoped that a greater understanding and personalisation of these issues is reached. It costs little to nothing and can be easily set up on a short time frame.

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'Run Yank Run' http://www.unyouthrep.com/solved/show/run-yank-run/

The Problem

1) Lack of incentives for youth to be physically active in their own time
2) Focus on football and netball as the important sports in a rural town
3) The Australian Obesity epidemic!

The Solution

Does a free trip to the Gold Coast sound too good to be true? That's because it is ;) Cheryl Carter, local fitness instructor, had an idea to encourage local youth in the area to get fit. Though she wasn't starting small, she had her eyes set on the Gold Coast Marathon!
In mid 2011, local youth from the area signed up to the Run Yank Run program. Committing to this program meant committing to at least 3 runs per week for the next year, including 1 run with an adult mentor per week. For maintaining that commitment over the year, participants will be rewarded with a free trip to the Gold Coast to participate in the GC half or full marathon!

Gradually the numbers of participants started to decline, but overall, the involved youth all became committed, fit, team-minded, and goal-setting runners! Cheryl, the Run Yank Run committee, and the participants had numerous fundraisers over the year including auctions and quiz nights to pay for the trip!

Good Luck to the runners next month!

More information: www.cherylcarterfitness.com/

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