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Posted by Dan Ryan on 31 May 2013. Tags:

Everybody’s favorite reporter, James from abc BTN got in touch and asked if we could do a story on my year as the youth ambassador.

He was able to come along to one of my school speeches at Norwood Morialta with Michael the camera man. After which we did an interview at UniSA where I studied.


Soon after I got a call from Tash who invited me in to do my own voice over and when I went in I saw where the stories get made and met the whole production team. After hearing the ideas for the story and giving some feedback we went into a vocal booth to record the narration.


They used snippets from different parts of my trip and time in NYC to give an overview of the best year of my life!

Make sure you check out the whole speech, there is a transcript and video here and you can also give feedback.

If you would like a visit from me or UN Youth Australia fill out this form.  Finally, I am currently writing a summary report to talk about youth wellbeing, if you have experiences, links or resources that can help me shape my final report I’d love to hear them!


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