Hurricane Sandy

Posted by Dan Ryan on 30 October 2012. Tags: ,


My Hurricane Sandy experience so far -- uploaded in the middle of the night and involves being deserted by my Canadian/NJ friends and a Hurricane street party with my NYC friends. On my way back my cab hit floods on 1st Ave out the front of the NYC hospital they were evacuating and i was joined by a lady who ended up proposing i marry her daughter!

Epic scenes here, thoughts with all those worse off...

Interestingly, social media has played a big role in getting out warnings and also sharing uptodate images of the storm as it unfolds - my speech to the UN recently included a relavent line -

"The world has in recent times started to see the magnitude and power and potential for change that social media can deliver.  We have seen social media help to catalyse democratic movements, help spread early warnings of impending natural disasters – saving lives in the process – and to push private sector companies into using more ethical work practices.  It has enabled civil society actors operating in dangerous environments to get messages out from behind closed doors to the rest of the world.  And it has been used to mobilise the citizens of the world to apply direct political pressure for greater focus on achieving the Millennium Development Goals..."


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