Rights, Hearts and Minds Towards a Culture of Human Rights

Posted by Dan Ryan on 14 June 2012. Tags: , ,

It was a privilege to meet Catherine and to have the opportunity to discuss her ideas and also share my vision for outcomes from the listening tour.

Elizabeth Ho generously referenced my attendance at the event and Catherine even started applause, demonstrating her recognition of the importance of young people being represented at the UN (recording below)

You can listen to the full speech here, read the pdf of her speech here or find out more about the event and The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and the lectures it has here.

Catherine assured me that after the 27th of July (when she hands over the reigns as President) she would love to provide feedback and contribute with advice to the projects I am working on with this role. Such a wealth of knowledge will make her an invaluable contributer to have.

One thing that struck me with her address was her emphasis of the responsibility that we have as everyday Australians to make sure there is a national culture of respect for human rights. She shared the story of how a security expert she met recently inadvertently challenged Australians saying that asylum seekers going straight into detention couldn’t happen in Norway, “the people wouldn’t accept it” (pg 3 of her speech).

I had the opportunity to contribute to a global summit called One Young World, held in Switzerland last year where the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Norway were inspiring the 1300 young leaders from 170 countries with their message of hope and courage following the tragedy they had recently faced. The barriers young people overcome in other countries and different cultures was fascinating and I listened to many young leaders talk about what it takes to be a positive force for good where they are from.

I’m interested to hear from you, what do you feel we have to learn from other countries and where you think we lead the world?

These two questions are in the survey below. Have you travelled, studied or learnt from friends in other countries? Share your thoughts.

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