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Posted by Dan Ryan on 19 May 2012. Tags: , , ,

Over the last few years I’ve chatted with Brenton Ragless the weather man a few times at community awards nights and events and on hearing I had been appointed he was very excited and more than happy to get his team onto it. We managed to fit in a quick interview in the park with reporter Elise Baker to go in the news bulletin that night.

Like the rest of the media, they are looking forward to hearing more as the themes emerge during my listening tour and hopefully we’ll be about to get the solutions and discussions from this site featured.

Interestingly this involved a 15-20 minute interview, the walk I do in this little clip was one I did 5 or 6 times (different angle each time) and the photos were taken from a collection with 20 different scenes. All for 32 seconds!

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