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Posted by Dan Ryan on 30 March 2013. Tags: , , ,


It is my privilage to host the AYAD Forum this year and I encourage everyone who is in Melbourne who can attend to be there - you can register or find out more here at

The Forum is an opportunity to be inspired by young Australians who stand up for human rights nationally and internationally – and find your own path to make a difference. AYAD is a program I worked on the marketing for with my role in Austraining International and I have met many of the volunteers before and after their assignement, they are an impressive group!

The AYAD Forum is part of National Youth Week, which celebrates and recognises the value of all young Australians by giving them the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions.

As well as hearing from inspirational speakers in the human rights space (check them out by clicking on their icon here) you’ll have the opportunity to mingle with other passionate youth, network with key development and humanitarian organisations, and find out how you can embark on your own path to support human rights, such as volunteering overseas with the AYAD Program.

I'll be running a Q&A at the end so you can ask questions and of course I'll be sticking around after so please do come say hello and share your story.

More than welcome to contact me through here and I can provide the Austraining media release and contact details as required or you can contact

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