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Posted by Dan Ryan on 1 May 2012. Tags: , , , ,

About Dan


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My vision is one of converting optimistic views to positive action and revealing on a global stage that Australian youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today.

In my role as the 2012 United Nations Youth Representative for Australia I am embarking on a national listening tour attending and hosting various youth forums before taking the views of Australian youth to a speech in the United Nations General Assembly in September. I will then set off on my reporting back tour. As the highest profile role for a young person in the country I am excited about the potential and passionate about making a difference. I’ve been inspired by the work of previous UN Youth Reps and feel immensely privileged to be appointed.

Brought up in suburban Adelaide at 24 I’m the eldest in a home schooled family of 6 siblings. I am the first South Australian UN Youth Representative for Australia and bring a broad range of skills and experience through my faith community, working with programs for social development and various volunteer organisations. I love connecting with young people and contributing to social change and I’m already learning about inspiring ways this is achieved from my national tour, conversations and website.

Speaking of which, please get on board with spotting solutions and showing love to the ones online that work for you, this my role relies on your participation so thank you for visiting the site!

Benson Saulo was the 2011 Youth Rep, you can read his blog here.


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