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Posted by Dan Ryan on 23 May 2012. Tags: , ,

On arrival in Tennant Creek we kicked off the consultation chatting with some young local leaders. It was during this that a ABC reporter, Emma Sleath popped in looking for someone and we took the chance to give her the low down on my role and the tour. It was a coincidence that ABC Alice Springs were in the town at the same time as our tour and it wasn't one I wanted to miss.

The next day I did an introduction to my role and the listening tour at the local school and then left the very capable UN Youth Australia team (Beck, Mashood, Lang and Caitlin) to run a workshop while I did this interview Emma was able to arrange with Lauren (Producer) and of course, Nadine Maloney. 

Big thanks to the ABC Alice Springs team - I'll be keeping them in touch with the Listening Tour.

The interview is also hosted online alongside a transcript style article which you can read here.


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